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Online learning hebrew

I find online learning very hard, especially hebrew because I’m not good at hebrew. There’s always a lot going on and that frustrates me and when I’m frustrated it makes me not think straight and when I dont think straight it’s hard for me. In person learning is easier because everything is organised. Everything is there like all your books, pencils and even friends. There is recess lunch with friends and at home I eat by myself.


בשבועיים האחרונים אנחנו לומדים עברית באופן מקוון. למידה כזו קשה לי מאד בגלל שאני מתקשה קצת בלימודי העברית שלי. למידה כזו מתסכלת אותי, כי כאשר אני לא מבין, אני נהיה מתוסכל יותר ואז אני לא מסוגל לחשוב באופן ישר והגיוני. למידה בכיתה קלה לי יותר כי הכל מסודר יותר. כל חומרי ההוראה נמצאים וזמינים עבורי וגם החברים שלי נמצאים איתי. בנוסף, בבית הספר יש זמן לארוחת הצהריים ואז אני אוכל עם החברים שלי. בבית אני אוכל לבד.  

תודה שקראתם!


My french project

in this week’s class we made projects about directions, mine is called ma ville jack

we needed to make a map telling you where to go you had to have a starting and  finish.

Here it is.

Solar energy

Hello, Our name is Hayes and Adam and we worked On solar energy For our Innovation day. Here is what me and Adam worked on. (add her about the project – building an environmentally friendly park using renewbale energy either wind or solar)

Why did we picked solar energy?

We wanted to know what some more things the sun can do and also this would be helpful because modern day families are on their electronics a lot so if we can get energy from the sun  they can charge there electronics, and can also do a lot more stuff to make the playground more fun

What is solar Energy?

Solar means sun, And Solar energy means sun’s energy.  Solar Panels take energy from the Sun and they convert it into Power. They take this energy and use it to provide the house/outside with electricity and even hot water. Solar panels can even work on cloudy days when the sun isn’t very visible at all (but not as much).

What is in solar panels (AKA Solar Cells)?

Solar panels have 3 layers inside of them. 1st Silicon, 2nd P-N Junction, The last layer is made out of more Silicon.  Silicons can be manufactured in many forms including solids, liquids, semi-viscous pastes, greases, oils and rubber. One solar panel is 180 watts so if we have 24 solar panels that equals around 4,000 watts.

What are the facts of solar energy? 

Did you know that DC means direct current and AC means alternating current. I bet you didn’t know that solar energy is associated with pollution. A solar furnace can produce temperatures of up to 3,630° F (2,000° C). This heat can be used to make steam. The steam can be used to make electricity in a power plant. Also Solar energy can be called Renewable Energy.

Why does the sun help renewable energy?

The sun starts everything in solar panels. The sun is a nuclear reactor that produces photons that reach the earth in enough time to survive the surface of the sun. Photon’s are electromagnetic radiation created by the sun. 

What Have we created? We have created a  Tinkercad creation.

Thank you for reading our post on solar energy.


Hi i’m Jack, our class is making projects about our world and whats happening in our world. the topics were deforestation, plastic pollution, ice caps and oil.

Deforestation and plastic pollution were the most common. I picked deforestation, I had to make a video of deforestation I made a video because I like editing and some people can understand videos more, I added some cue cards for people that dont understand videos as well. I think I did well.

You know whats crazy every year 18,000,000 acres of tree is cut down and/or burnt, if we keep doing this for the next 100 years there will be no rainforests, the world only has 33% of forests left,

Did you know that trees help you breathe because trees produce oxygen and oxygen helps you breathe?

I really liked this project because you can use your imagination, I made this for grade 4 and 5.

I wish I did something different tho, I was really nervous and I was overthinking so I was scared


Did you know that an adult has 206 bones but a baby has 300 why is that it’s because as you grow older your bones fuse to make one big bone and does that till you hit 206 bones? Here is a video about the bones in your foot. It’s a fake bone btw. The axial bones keep you up right, and the appendicular bones help you move. If you didn’t have any bones you would be like a blob but you also wouldn’t be alive because your bones help keep your organs in place. Joints help you bend your knee and lots of other stuff. The smallest bone in your body is in your ear and there is three of them called the ossicles. I like the ribs I just find that they are really cool and another reason I like the ribs is that they protect the respiratory system.


What is matter?  The matter is made up of atoms, they are tiny particles, if you put atoms together it makes matter.

What Are Some Examples of Atoms? that is an atom.


The 3 states of matter.  The 3 states of matter are liquids,solids and gasses, water is the main thing in all of these because it can turn into all of those things it can turn into gasses and solids.

States of Matter: (Information + Facts) - Science4Fun

physical change is reversible for example water can turn to solid but it can go back to the water.  The chemical change is not reversible for example if you burn logs it turns into ash but you cant make ash go back into the log.



This blog was about matter it tells you about the three different states and the difference between physical change and chemical change.

click here for vid about matter


On thursday we went on a meet with a scientist it was really fun we were learning about matter.

The three states of matter are solid liquid and gas.

We mixed three things in water epsom salt, baking soda, and flour epsom salt dissolves flour also dissolves but baking soda dissolves.

Cabbage powder smelt DISGUSTING I don’t know why it just did, and if you mix cabbage powder with baking soda it risis and turns into bubbles.

My favourite part is when you mix the cabbage powder with the baking soda.

There was a mystery powder and we needed to figure out if it was flour baking soda or epsom salt, it was both baking soda and flour i learned about chemical reactions and I really liked the experiment.      click here

My first blog VS my latest blog.

Ok, the first blog I made my first blog on june 10th 2020 it was about bring your pet to school day click here for blog. And yes thats my first blog, I know  I know… it’s not that good. I find I was saying the same thing a lot, and I didn’t realise people are allergic to some pets. Ok we’re finally done with that now lets move to my latest blog. This isn’t one of my latest but its my second latest this was about science made november 7th 2020 click here for mt latest blog

I like how I put a lot of facts and a video to explain a lot about bones and also science is one of my favourite subject.

What was my favourite thing to do in hebrew?

i like doing kahoots because there really fun and its like a big competition because everybody is trying to answer fast, and today we did eliezer’s kahoot it was really fun and hard.

second favourite thing to do was making snowman there were sections of things like they had hats feet arms hair and more i like this one because you can make your own snowman and make it as weird as possible

Verb faire

I learned the verb faire

Je fails means I do.

tu fais means you do.

il-Elle-on fait means he she does.

nous faisons means we do pleural

vous faites means you do pleural

Ils-Elle’s font means they do pleural.


A video helped me with my work.


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