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Middle school retreat

The middle school retreat is for all of middle school, every time at the start of the year the middle school goes on a long field trip. this year we did an Obstacle course, Went rafting and had a half day of games. My favourite part of the retreat was going rafting, It was VERY fun I loved it. There was one rapid called roller coaster, It was INSANE. I didn’t like the half day of games I thought the games were boring I didn’t like it. Going down roller coaster was so fun I was laughing the whole way down. It was scary to jump off the eight foot wall but it was fun. This retreat was based on rebuilding the community. If I was planning the retreat I would have three options and you can pick what you can do.

News report

We made a news report about a tornado and it was lots of fun.


Structure project


To design and build a structure to survive different natural phenomenons. ( has to be 2 stories high )

I will test my structure with a simulated tsunami. I used my shower to act like the tsunami.


I think it has a change of surviving. Because its going to be water proof its gonna get x2 layers for most of the house.




  • popsicle sticks  
  •  tags
  •  straws
  •  cardboard
  • tape





  1. I cut a giant hole out of a shoe box 
  2.  put lots of tape
  3.  put another shoe box on top 
  4.  made a water catcher
  5. put paper inside to tell if water got in   



Conclusion   I learnt how to make proper structures and how there work and it kinda survived the inside was fine but the outside was not okay.

It probably wouldn’t survive because its cardboard so that’s why I think brought it down. And if this was irl it wouldn’t survive because if the outside is bad and the inside is fine people would have to tear it down.

Hoot final task

Endangered Pandas by jack


Where would I be in twenty years?

Where would I be in 20 years


I would be a NHL goalie or a vet. I’d like to be in the NHL because I really like hockey and I really like playing it and it’s my passion. And id want to be a vet because I love animals and that would be great to help animals. I would live in canada because its really fun here all of my family is here and this is where I grew up. I would want one kid I would want a wife.


I would really like a couple dogs because dogs are my favourite animal. I love how fluffy and cuddly they are. I would love to visit california because its really hot there and its really cool there and it would just be a good place to visit. Id really like a nice car and house alsoKadri offered in-person hearing by Player Safety for actions in Avalanche


Colorado tornadoes


A Strange Day In July ( Short story )


It was a normal day in July. The Sun burned in the sky one July morning, when the Genson family decided it was a perfect day for a trip to the beach. The Gensons packed up their van and moments later were at the beach.

“Stay close kids!”, the mom shouted as the two little ones ran for the rocks. She felt the grainy sand slip between her toes and the sun hot on her face as her little girl ran back to her. 

“This is exactly what we needed”, she thought to herself and she sat down on the beach rug with her youngest building sandcastles beside her.

One of the kids found a spot to skip rocks, His name is Bean, Beam loved to skip rocks. He was a pro at skipping rocks, when I say pro I mean pro. While Bean was warming up, his mom Bertha and the girl Chocho were laying down. A couple minutes later the boy found something he screamed “MOMMY MOMMY COME!” the mom came over and she said “what.” The boy said “look look”  He skipped one he skipped two but the third one came back she was amazed but she thought it was also creepy at the same time.


WIRWIRIWIRIWIW! She heard the sound of the siren which jolted her from the trance she was in. Instantly, she grabbed her phone and called 911. The operator answers “911 Whats your emergency?”

  Bertha said, “My kid was skipping rocks and the third one kept coming back“! Something is not right! I am at KIR Beach on Logfum Road – send someone QUICK!”A long pause and an awkward silence filled the line.The police didn’t believe her, but after minutes of arguing the police sent a Bylaw officer to the location. So the officer arrived and Bertha had her kids moved away from the spot. The officer scanned the rocks and found nothing suspicious. He asks Bean to throw a rock and all of a sudden Bean disappeared…


The mom and the officer try to find Bean but after minutes of searching they find bean 1 mile away from the beach she was so happy when she found bean she asked “What’s wrong what happened” Bean said “I ran away because I was scared” But actually he teleported through water portals. 

It looked like a giant tube he fell really far down it felt like he was in there for forever.


When Bean was in the water portals it was very bright the big light glazing against his eyes it was blinding him as soon as it got bright enough it shot him out onto the pavement it had hurt him he had bruises on his arms and cuts on his legs. And at this point the officer started to take notes of what could have happened. He was questioned Bean for the second time and asked what really happened. He felt better without his mom there, and he said to the officer “I saw a big bright light” Bean forgot what happened after.


Bean told the officer to follow him he was behind him the whole time, The whole walk the officer was looking for anything suspicious. They finally made it back Bean said confusingly. “Here, here is where I got sucked it. The officer took his flashlight from his pocket and pointed it into the water. Bean looked away for one second the officer was gone this is when bean realized the officer has gone missing…


Figurative language task

Along the street, a dog drooled disgustingly. When the dog moved his head the drool jumped and fell. SPLAT! went the drool when it hit the ground. All the other dogs were staring at him. You look like a drooling baby, barked one of the dogs. All the rest of the dogs left the street because there was too much drool.

Online learning hebrew

I find online learning very hard, especially hebrew because I’m not good at hebrew. There’s always a lot going on and that frustrates me and when I’m frustrated it makes me not think straight and when I dont think straight it’s hard for me. In person learning is easier because everything is organised. Everything is there like all your books, pencils and even friends. There is recess lunch with friends and at home I eat by myself.


בשבועיים האחרונים אנחנו לומדים עברית באופן מקוון. למידה כזו קשה לי מאד בגלל שאני מתקשה קצת בלימודי העברית שלי. למידה כזו מתסכלת אותי, כי כאשר אני לא מבין, אני נהיה מתוסכל יותר ואז אני לא מסוגל לחשוב באופן ישר והגיוני. למידה בכיתה קלה לי יותר כי הכל מסודר יותר. כל חומרי ההוראה נמצאים וזמינים עבורי וגם החברים שלי נמצאים איתי. בנוסף, בבית הספר יש זמן לארוחת הצהריים ואז אני אוכל עם החברים שלי. בבית אני אוכל לבד.  

תודה שקראתם!


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